【Hearing Aid Offer】Enjoy 20% Off upon purchase of selected hearing aids

Under the rapid development of smart technology, rechargeable hearing aids have built-in batteries that do not require regular replacement, which brings convenience to elderly users.

Enjoy 20% off discount upon purchase of the following hearing aids at OPTICAL 88 Hearing Care Centre.

Signia Pure Charge & Go rechargeable hearing aids
Equipped with a sound motion sensor, it can effectively, quickly and naturally analyze the human body dynamics, and receive all-round real-time sound. You can hear the best and closest effect to the original sound in any environment.

More hearing aids items are available at OPTICAL 88 Hearing Care Centre. We also provide a one-week free trial service, our professional hearing consultants will help you to adjust the setting of the hearing aids and ensure you can hear clearly and precisely!

Appointment Hotline: 2113 2363

[Contact lenses introduction】 Newly launched monthly disposable contact lenses are now available at OPTICAL 88!

ALCON is pursuing to give their customers a clean and comforable vision experience! AIR OPTIX® plus HydraGlyde ® Contact Lenses (astigmatism/progressive) bring together two advanced technologies designed to provide longer-lasting lens surface moisture and deposit protection. Come to get trial at OPTICAL 88 to enjoy the new upgraded experience.

SmartShield® technology : Helps shield against irritating deposits
all month long

HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix : Attracts and maintains surface moisture on the lens through the end of the day

Product details and promotional offers: https://bit.ly/3j3rGkP